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This sections tells you how to extract data from MYOB BankLink Practice to transfer transactions from BankLink Practice ledger to MYOB Ledger.

Before extracting data, ensure you've completed all work for the period and that the processing indicators are green in the Home page. If you need to extract data for a period multiple times, you need to clear the transfer flags from the transferred data first.

To transfer coded transactions from BankLink Practice to MYOB Ledger
  1. Open the client containing the transactions that you want to export. 
  2. Click the green Extract Data on the client Home page.

    The Extract Data window appears.
  3. Enter the date range that you want to export.
  4. Click OK. A list of accounts appears.
  5. Select the accounts that you want to process, and click OK. The data is extracted and transferred to MYOB Ledger. 

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