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After you've migrated to MYOB Ledger, you're ready to link MYOB BankLink Practice clients to MYOB Ledger. This section tells you how to link and what you need to check after linking.

To link a ledger to a client
  1. In BankLink Practice, double click a client file to open it.

  2. Go to Other Functions > Maintain Accounting System.

  3. In the System Used drop-down field, select MYOB AE Ledger or MYOB AO Ledger.

  4. Click Set up Integration.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the client that you want to link your BankLink Practice client to and click Next.

  7. Click Next. The GST Class IDs that will be available to use in BankLink Practice after linking to MYOB Ledger are displayed. Any IDs that are currently being used in BankLink Practice that can be mapped are changed to match the MYOB Ledger IDs.

  8. Click Next. The BankLink Practice client is linked to the MYOB Ledger client.

  9. Click Close.

After linking to MYOB Ledger and before moving on to the data extraction stage, there are a couple of things to check.

Fix any invalid GST Classes

If you previously used GST Class IDs that aren't supported in MYOB Ledger, you need to update any accounts, transactions, memorisations and payees in BankLink Practice that use incompatible GST Class IDs before you can extract data to MYOB Ledger.

Red processing indicators on the Home page indicate whether there are invalid IDs assigned to transactions.


To fix invalid GST Classes
  1. Click the red months. The Code Entries window is displayed.
  2. To filter the Code Entries window to only show uncoded transactions, click the View button in the toolbar and select Uncoded Entries Only.

    The transactions are filtered by uncoded entries.
  3. Click each uncoded entry and change the GST Class to one that works with MYOB Ledger.
  4. To update multiple transactions:
    1. Go to Other Functions > Chart of Accounts > Maintain Chart of Accounts.

    2. Open an account that has an invalid ID assigned to it, highlighted yellow.

    3. Change the GST Class to one that works with MYOB Ledger.

      Any transactions that were allocated to the account with the changed ID are updated to the new ID, and IDs on related memorisations and payees are updated.

Check your GST and BAS setup

Because the GST Classes might have been updated after integrating with MYOB Ledger, check your GST and BAS setup in BankLink Practice to ensure the updated IDs are applied correctly.


To check and fix your GST and BAS setup
  1. Go to Reports > Listings > List GST Details.
    Review the List GST Details report.
  2. If you need to update your settings, go to Other Functions > GST Setup.
  3. To update the list of GST Classes, click the Rates tab and update the settings.
  4. To set up activity statement fields, click the BAS Fields tab and update the settings.

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