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 Australia only

You can lodge activity statements for your clients if you've set up your tax agent details, and your clients appear in MYOB Practice. Learn how to add an activity statement form.

Some information on the activity statement form will be automatically filled in by the ATO or from the client's MYOB file.

For information about the fields you'll find in each section, see:


Some activity statement fields will be pre-filled with information from the client's file, such as MYOB Essentials or Essentials Cashbook. Learn more

If the value is pre-filled from Essentials or Essentials Cashbook, the label at the beginning of the field changes to show the source. If you change the amount in one of these fields, the label changes to Adjustment.

You can change back to the pre-filled value at any time by selecting Essentials from the drop-down at the end of the field, or by clicking Update from ledger at the top of the page.