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The My List panel appears in the Clients view. Use My List to keep the clients you work on within easy reach—it’s like a Favourites list.


To get started, click Search for clients, and search for a client by their name or code.

Access the client-centric view

When you select a client in My List, the pages you access from the top menu bar are automatically filtered to show just that client’s files, documents, tasks etc. We call this the client-centric view, and it helps you focus on the work that needs to be done for an individual client.

For example, in the screenshot below, HardSoft Technologies is selected in My List. If you click Transaction processing in the top menu bar (or any other option in the bar), the page will show information just for HardSoft Technologies. To return to the "all clients" view, click All clients.

Tips to using My List

  • Click All clients to exit the client-centric view. The top menu bar will reset to show details for all clients in all pages.

  • My List shows you the last 5 clients you accessed in the Recent section. To keep a client permanently in My List, you can pin them. They'll stay in the Pinned section of My List until you remove them.

  • To get more screen space, collapse the My List panel when you don’t need it in view. Click the arrow icon to collapse and expand.

  • When you select a client for the first time in a session, you’ll see the Workspace page. For the rest of the session we'll remember where you left off for each client. If you switch to another client, or pop back to the All clients view, don't worry — you won't lose your place. We'll save your spot and display the last menu item you were viewing when you come back.