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This section is only relevant if you're using MYOB AE or MYOB AO on a desktop computer in your practice. 

You can sync, or migrate, all your contact data from your desktop MYOB AE/AO to MYOB Practice. This enables you to access your data any time anywhere (even on mobile or tablet) regardless of whether your practice server is on or off.

The data on your practice server will remain the original source, and the synced data will be read-only (i.e., the online data can’t be edited).

When you or anyone else adds or edits contacts on your desktop MYOB AE/AO, those changes will be automatically synchronised.

Note: Once you've synchronised your contact data you won't be able to turn sync off.


To activate Contacts Migration

You need to be a practice administrator to complete this task.

Not an administrator? Get in touch with your administrator and share this page with them.


  1. On your desktop MYOB AE/AO, go to MaintenanceMaintenance MapOnline > Activate Contacts Migration.

    The following message displays: The process to migrate contact details online may take some time. Are you sure you want to continue?

  2. Click Yes.

  3. If you’re migrating your contact data from a server, an icon will appear in your system tray, similar to a traffic light, displaying the migration progress:

    • Green: Sync is active and running normally. Changes you make to contacts in MYOB AE/AO will migrate (sync) automatically with MYOB Practice.

    • Orange: Contacts are currently migrating (syncing). This can take a few minutes if you have many contacts that need to be migrated.

    • Red: Sync is inactive. This usually indicates an issue. See Troubleshooting for help getting it started again.


  4. If you haven’t activated MYOB AE/AO Live as yet, the Terms of use will be displayed.
    Carefully read the Terms of use and then select the I agree with the above terms of use checkbox. After you click OK, your contact data will be migrated.