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C-Series reporting is paper-based Employer Monthly Schedule reporting that is automatically filled out by payroll software.

Inland Revenue is changing the way you file your Employer Monthly Schedules (IR348).

What’s changing?

From April 17 2018 C-Series reporting won’t be accepted by Inland Revenue. This means you won’t be able to use Ace Payroll (or any payroll software) to print out your IR348 form to send to Inland Revenue.

You can still print a pre-filled copy of your IR348 for your own records, but these copies can’t be submitted to Inland Revenue.

How will I file my EMS?

If you’re already filing using ir-File, just keep doing what you’re doing.

If you’ve been printing out your IR348 and sending it to Inland Revenue, you’ll need to set up a myIR account and start filing electronically. Once you’ve created your IR438, you can submit your form directly from Ace Payroll by clicking the ir-File button.

The only other way to file is to print out a blank approved IR348 template, fill it in the data manually, and submit it to Inland Revenue.