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If you're using a windows computer, you can run Ace Payroll directly from a memory stick. This can be useful if you are traveling, or if you want to work from a number of different computers.

If you already have Ace Payroll installed on a computer, follow the steps below to move the program to a memory stick.


To store Ace Payroll on a memory stick
  1. Insert your memory stick into the USB port on your computer.

  2. Open My Computer or File Explorer.

  3. Locate your Ace Payroll program folder. This is will normally be in Local Disk (C:/), and is a folder called WINPAY.

  4. Right click on the WINPAY folder, hover your mouse over Send To, and click on your memory stick. The WINPAY folder will move to your memory stick.

To run Ace Payroll from a memory stick
  1. Once you have Ace Payroll stored on a memory stick, insert that memory stick into the computer you want to use.

  2. Open My Computer or File Explorer and find your memory stick to find out the drive letter. In the example below the drive letter is D:

  3. Hold down the Windows logo key and press the [R] key. The Run window opens.

  4. Type in the program path and the data path. This starts with the letter of your USB drive, so in this example the path will be D:\WINPAY\PAY.EXE D:\WINPAY

  5. Click OK, and Ace Payroll opens.

Ace Payroll transactions are now stored on the USB stick. If you later want to use Ace Payroll on your computer, repeat the steps in the task above to move the winpay folder from the USB stick back to its original location on the computer.