Backing up your company file is like taking a snapshot of your company file at a particular point in time.

Restoring your company file enables you to open a backed up copy of your company file to view it locally, or to replace your online working copy (for example, if the online company file contains unauthorised transactions).

Backups and online company files

If you subscribe to AccountRight and store your company file online, you can choose the auto-sync option to synchronise a copy of the online file to your computer automatically, every 20 minutes. This means that if the internet drops out, or someone checks out the file while you’re still working, there’s a readable copy on your computer that is no more than 20 minutes old. See Synchronise a company file.

This is not the same as a backup, however. A backup is a snapshot of your company file at a particular point in time. So even if you work online, you may still want to make backups periodically, weekly, for example, or at the end of a financial period.

If you simply want to work offline, then have your offline changes updated in your online company file, check out your online company file.

How do I back up and restore company files?

For information on how to back up or restore, see Back up your company file or Restore your company file.