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  • Add a declarer for Single Touch Payroll reporting




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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

Each person who processes payroll in your company file must add themselves as a declarer before they can send payroll information to the ATO. 

Before they can do this, make sure you add the user to your online company file. If your file is not online, the user will need an MYOB account, so contact us and we'll help you set them up. Once added, they need to sign in to your company file and add themselves as a declarer.

To add a declarer for Single Touch Payroll reporting

The following steps need to be completed by the new declarer.

  1. Sign in to your company file.
  2. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  3. Click Payroll Reporting Centre.

    If this button says Connect to ATO, you may need to go through the full connect to the ATO process.

  4. If prompted, sign in to your MYOB account.

  5. Complete all steps in the process.

    StepWhat to do
    1. OverviewClick Start.
    2. Choose your role

    If you are not a registered tax agent or BAS agent, choose Someone from the business

    Click Continue.

    3. Declaration information

    Enter the company’s ABN and your personal details. This is sent to the ATO with the payroll information.

    Click Continue.

    4. Notify ATOOnly one person from the business needs to notify the ATO. If your company is already using STP, you won’t need to do this step. Click I’ve notified the ATO. When prompted, confirm by clicking I've notified the ATO again.
    5. Save your changes

    To save your details and complete this process, make sure you click Save.