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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

The functions described on this page are available in AccountRight 2018.3 and later. Get the latest version

The Company Information window is where you let the ATO know what your contact details are. If they need to ask questions about what you submit, they’ll contact you using these details.

Most of the information is filled in for you, based on your previous year's Payment Summary information, but you can enter different details if required. You can always change this information at any time.

To edit your company details
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.

  2. Click Company Information.

  3. Edit your company details, then click OK.

Don't forget to check your ABN

The ABN you enter here is what is sent to the ATO each time you process payroll. Ensure the ABN is your current ABN and doesn't have any typos.

This ABN must match what is entered when you Connect to the ATO at step 3 Declaration information. If they don't match, the report will be rejected and not sent to the ATO.

Overseas addresses

Overseas addresses

If your company is a non-resident and has an overseas address, enter OTH in the State field:

  • The Country field is activated. You must enter your company's country information in this field.
  • The Postcode field defaults to 9999 and cannot be changed.
  • The state and postcode as well as the town must all be reported in the Suburb/Town/City field.

For example, assume your address is 275 Central Park West, Apartment 14F, New York, NY USA 10024. This address would be entered as follows:

Street Address - Line 1: 275 Central Park West
Street Address - Line 2: Apartment 14F
Suburb/Town/City: New York, NY 10024
State: OTH
Postcode: 9999
Country: USA