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The In Tray lets you store documents, like bills and receipts, in your online company file. It's like an electronic version of a physical in tray, but without the clutter, staples, or paper cuts. Tell me more about the In Tray.

There's a few ways to get documents into your In Tray, but the smartest way is emailing them as attachments. Your In Tray has a unique email address you can give to your suppliers, or anyone else you choose, to email documents directly to your In Tray.

Let's take you through it.


Find your In Tray email address

To find your In Tray email address

  1. In your online AccountRight company file, go to the Purchases command centre and click In Tray.

  2. Click Email Address.

  3. Find your unique email address.

Receiving unwanted documents? Click Reset email to generate a new In Tray email address. The old email address will stop working, so remember to let your suppliers know about the change.

Provide your In Tray email address to your suppliers

Provide your In Tray email address to your suppliers

Now you've found your In Tray email address, give it to your suppliers or anyone else you want to email documents to your In Tray.

OK, we realise the email address doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. So the best way to share it is to click Copy email address next to the In Tray email address, then paste it into an email.

When emailing your In Tray email address to your suppliers, also let them know:

  • documents they email you can't be bigger than 10MB in size
  • documents must be in one of these formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, TIF, or PNG
  • the In Tray email address is not your usual business email address.

When you receive a document

Once a document's in your In Tray, you can attach it to an existing transaction or use it to create a new transaction. Learn all about working with In Tray documents.