Is your computer ready?

Before you install, make sure your computer can run AccountRight. Here are the basic requirements:

  • Windows 7, or later (including Windows 10), or Windows Server 2008 (R2 SP1) or later
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or later (32-bit) required for email, exporting reports, and mail merge
  • Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 0.5 MBps (if working online)

For more detail, check the system requirements .

Also, some antivirus software can interrupt software installation. To avoid issues, you may want to temporarily disable your antivirus software while you install AccountRight. You can enable it again after installing.

Having trouble installing AccountRight?  Check the FAQs below.

How to get started

How you install AccountRight depends on where you bought it. Here’s how to get started.

Just looking to install AccountRight on another computer? If you're already using the latest version of AccountRight and just want to install it on another computer, the easiest way to install the PC edition is to download it here (subscription required).

If you want to install an older version or the Server edition, if you have a subscription you can download the installer from (AU) or (NZ).

If you purchased AccountRight but don't have a support subscription, call us and we'll email you a link to download your software (Australia 1300 555 123 or New Zealand 0508 328 283).

Bought online?

If you purchased AccountRight from the MYOB website, you would have been prompted to download an installer file that takes care of the installation for you. While AccountRight installs, you’ll enter some basic information about your business, like your contact details, and when installation is complete, you’ll have a company file ready for you to use.

If you can’t find the installer file, see the email MYOB sent you after purchasing AccountRight. The email has a link to the installer and more details on how to install AccountRight.

Have a redemption code?

If you purchased a point-of-sale activation (POSA) card from a retail store, you need to redeem your redemption code online and register your business details (this also registers you as the owner of your AccountRight software). You’ll then be guided through the installation and setup of your company file. See the card for instructions on how to get started.

Note that redemption codes are not the same as a serial number and have a different format (a serial number has 12 numbers, while a redemption code has 15 characters with a mix of letters and numbers).

Have an installation disc?When you insert the AccountRight disc, a window will appear with instructions on how to install your software.
Downloaded from my.MYOB or the MYOB website

Download your software from the link provided on the website and then locate and double-click the downloaded file. You’ll then be guided through the installation .


How do I fix a 'Setup failed' installation error?

'Setup failed' errors all look similar, but they each have a specific code. Here's an example:

 What's the code on your 'Setup failed' error?


A 'setup failed' error with the code 0x0800b0101 is caused by an expired certificate in an older AccountRight installer.

With an AccountRight subscription, you can download and install the latest AccountRight version by signing into (Australia) or (New Zealand).


A 'setup failed' error with the code 0x080070642 can happen if the installation was interrupted accidentally or by another program. So start by trying the installation again.

If the error persists, uninstall your current AccountRight version (see the FAQ below) then try the installation again.

Need to download AccountRight PC edition?  Download it here (subscription required).

Need to download an older version or the Server edition? If you have a subscription you can download the installer from (AU) or (NZ).


A 'setup failed' error with the code 0x080070643 means there's some Windows updates that need to be installed on your computer.

Here's what to do:

  1. Click to check for available Windows updates.
  2. Select all 'Important' updates.
  3. Select all 'Optional' updates which refer to .NET Framework.
  4. Install the selected updates.
  5. If prompted, restart your computer.

You should now be able to install AccountRight.

If the error persists, download and install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 from the Microsoft support site. Installation instructions are also provided.


A setup failed error with the code 0x080070002 means there are some files or folders on your computer which couldn't be accessed during the installation.

This is how you can fix it:

  1. Simultaneously press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard (the Windows key is between the Ctrl and Alt keys). The Run window appears.
  2. In ther Open field, type %localappdata% then click OK.
    A list of folders is displayed.
  3. Right-click the folder called Package Cache and choose Properties.
  4. Click the Security tab.
  5. Click one of the entries in the box labelled Group or user names then click Edit.
  6. Click Add.
  7. In the white box (where the cursor is flashing), type SYSTEM then click Check Names.
  8. Click OK.
    SYSTEM should now be listed as one of the entries in the box labelled Group or user names:
  9. Click OK, then click OK again.

You should now be able to install AccountRight.

After installing, why is the AccountRight icon opening my previous AccountRight version?

If you still have a previous AccountRight version on your computer, make sure you're using the correct shortcut icon to open the latest version.

Why am I being asked to Modify or Uninstall after installing AccountRight?

After installing the latest version of AccountRight, the following message will appear if you accidentally try to install the update again:

This can happen if you've installed the update but then opened your previous AccountRight version and clicked Update now again.

Make sure you're opening the latest AccountRight version using the icon on your desktop or from the start menu.

Why am I being prompted to update again after installing the latest version?

If you've just installed an update but you're being prompted to update again, you're probably opening the previous version of AccountRight.

Remember to use the new AccountRight icon (it should be on your desktop), or you'll be asked to upgrade again. 

Why isn't an AccountRight update installing when I click "Update Now"?

If an AccountRight update doesn't download and install when you click "Update Now", it usually means the antivirus or firewall program on your computer is preventing the update from downloading. Try temporarily disabling these programs then try the update again. After AccountRight has installed, turn these programs on again.


Can I install AccountRight on a Mac?

AccountRight is designed for use on the Windows operating system. If you want to install AccountRight on an Apple Mac, you'll need to install Windows on your Mac first. You can do this using Boot Camp (a Mac utility that allows you to install other operating systems) or virtual software such as Parallels or WMware. Note that running AccountRight on virtual software may affect performance and speed. And while many users report a good experience, it's not tested or supported by MYOB.

I use AccountRight on multiple computers - what do I do when an update is available?

If you work on a company file on more than one computer, ensure you install updates on each computer before upgrading your company file.

Using AccountRight in a network? See Updating an AccountRight network.

How do I install AccountRight on multiple computers in my office?

If you want to host your company files on a network server, rather than online, see the recommended network setup procedure.

How do I uninstall AccountRight?

To uninstall AccountRight:

  1. Access the list of programs that are installed on your computer.

    If usingDo this
    Windows 8 or 10Right-click in the screen's bottom-left corner and choose Programs and Features.
    Windows 7Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel then choose Programs and Features.
  2. Click the AccountRight software you want to uninstall then click Uninstall. In some Windows versions this may appear as Change/Uninstall.

  3. Click through any confirmation windows, and click Yes to wanting to completely remove the selected application and all of its components.

How do I download an older version of AccountRight

If you have an active MYOB AccountRight subscription, you can find installers for older versions by signing on to my.MYOB. Go to the My Products menu and choose Downloads.

If you purchased AccountRight but don't have a support subscription, call us and we'll email you a link to download your software (Australia 1300 555 123 or New Zealand 0508 328 283).