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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

The features described in this topic are available in AccountRight 2018.2 and later. Not using AccountRight? See the help for MYOB Essentials | MYOB AccountEdge | MYOB AccountRight v19.

Before you start reporting payroll and super information to the ATO as part of Single Touch Payroll, you need to make sure your payroll information meets ATO requirements, and then connect to the ATO.

You'll need an Internet connection to complete these tasks (you don't need your company stored online). 


What you need to set it up
  • Your employees' addresses and their valid tax file numbers
  • Your company's ABN, branch code and address (if your business uses a WPN and doesn't have an ABN, contact the ATO to discuss your options)
  • (Optionally) your registered agent details
  • List of payroll categories that you need to report to the ATO (check with your advisor if you're unsure)
  • Your MYOB account sign-in details (don't have an MYOB account? Sign in or Register from our website)

What you'll do

First, you'll check that your company information and employee details meet ATO requirements, and assign an ATO category to all your payroll categories.

Then, both you and your registered tax or BAS agent will need to go through the connect to ATO steps and:

  • Add yourself as a person who can declare payroll information as correct and true while processing pays.

  • Notify the ATO you're using MYOB for Single Touch Payroll reporting.

  • (Agents only) Add the client in the tax or BAS agent portal.

Get employees connected too! One optional step to consider is encouraging your employees to set up a myGov account. This is how your employees will access their YTD amounts and end of year summary. 

Ready to go?

Follow the steps in:

What happens after I've set up Single Touch Payroll reporting?

Once you're set up, your payroll information will be automatically sent to the ATO the next time you process payroll.

You'll know you're set up when you see the following message in the Pay Period window (Payroll > Process Payroll).

When you click Record to record a pay run, you'll be prompted to declare and submit the information to the ATO. You'll only be able to do this if you've completed the Connect to the ATO steps.

What if I mistake in a pay run? If you over- or under-pay an employee, just fix it as you normally would. See Fixing a payroll overpayment or underpayment. This corrects the employee's YTD amounts, which will be sent to the ATO the next time you declare a pay run.


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