When you create an online company file, you can choose to automatically synchronise the file to your computer.

Synchronising means that changes that you or other users make in the online company file are downloaded to a copy of the file stored on your computer. This is referred to as the ‘offline’ copy of your file.

Your offline company file will be synchronised automatically every 20 minutes, while the company file is open. You can also manually synchronise your file (see Manual synchronisation).

By synchronising regularly, you ensure that a recent copy of your online company file is available on your computer to view when you don’t have internet access.

If you chose not to automatically synchronise your company file when you created it, you can change this option anytime. For more information, see Automatic synchronisation.

Synchronising versus backup

The synchronised offline file that’s saved on your computer is not a backup of the online company file. You should continue to make backups whenever you want to save a copy of your file as at a point in time. For information about the importance of backing up, see Back up and restore company files.

Where is the offline file stored?

The offline copy of your company file is stored in the following hidden folder:

Do not delete or rename this folder or the contents of this folder. If another user signs on to Windows, and synchronises the company file, a copy of the online file will be downloaded again to that user’s sync folder.