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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

The features described in this topic are available in AccountRight 2018.2 and later. These features make it easier to set up Single Touch Payroll—you can now see the total number of errors, edit items directly from the list by clicking the blue arrow next to each item and you no longer get errors on employee IDs (Card IDs). Get the latest version

Before reporting payroll and super information to the ATO, you need to check that your company information and employee details meet ATO requirements, and assign an ATO category to all your payroll categories. To do this, you can check your details in AccountRight and view a list of errors that need fixing.

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Step 1 - Check your payroll details

  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click Check Payroll Details. The Check Payroll Details window appears listing the results. Employees paid in the current payroll year (including terminated employees) are included in the payroll check.

    Getting an error saying "AccountRight can't do this now"?

    If you're using AccountRight Server Edition 2019.1, you'll need to install .NET Framework 4.7.2 on your server.

    Once installed, a restart is required for the changes to take effect, so you may need to organise an appropriate time for this to take place.

    After clicking Check Payroll Details, you'll see a list of items you need to fix before you can connect to the ATO and start reporting using Single Touch Payroll.

Step 2 - Fix errors, if you have any

Use the information in the results list as a guide to what you need to fix.

If you need to updateDo this...
Employee Cards
  1. Click the arrow next to an employee in the errors list. The Card Information window appears.
  2. Update the employee card with the details required for Single Touch Payroll. This includes:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Address including CityState and Postcode. Note that you need to select a state from the list and not type it.
    • Tax File Number (from the Taxes section of the Payroll Details tab).
Company Information
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click Company Information.
  3. Make the required fixes.

There are some company details that must be entered before you can proceed.

Payroll Categories

All payroll categories must have an ATO reporting category assigned. By default, the ATO category is set to To be assigned, so you know what payroll categories still have to assign.

If you don't need to report a payroll category, select the Not reportable category.

Learn how to assign ATO reporting categories.

Step 3 - Check your payroll details again

Click Check Payroll Details to refresh the list to see if everything is done. You'll then be ready to connect to the ATO.