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  • Terminate an employee in Single Touch Payroll reporting




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AccountRight Plus and Premier, Australia only

When your employee has been terminated, you need to tell the ATO that you won't be sending any more payroll information for that employee.

Finalise during the financial year (employee termination)

1. Process all final pays and ETP (if required)

Process all final pays and ETP (if required), following steps 1 through 6 in Processing a final pay.

This is the same process whether you're using Single Touch Payroll reporting or not.

2. Finalise employee
  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Reporting.
  2. Click Payroll Reporting Centre.
  3. Click Employee terminations.
  4. Select the employee, choose their last day of employment, then click Notify the ATO.

  5. Enter your name as the authorised declarer and click Send.

This declaration is processed in the same way other Single Touch Payroll reports are. They must be accepted by the ATO, which can take up to 72 hours.

Visit the ATO website for more info on finalising your Single Touch Payroll data.

Finalise employees at the end of the financial year

See End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting.