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  • Upgrade without putting your company file online



If you're upgrading from AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier), but don't want access to a lot of AccountRight's online services, follow these steps to upgrade your file offline.

To avoid issues while upgrading, make sure you've read the tips on our Things you should know before upgrading page.

Upgrade your company file

Upgrade your company file

  1. Open AccountRight.
  2. In the Welcome window that appears, click Upgrade a company file. The Upgrade Assistant opens.
  3. Select the Don't have an internet connection? link and then select the option I want to upgrade offline, even though I won't have access to key features.
    Upgrade assistant with offline option highlighted

  4. Click Continue. The Company File step of the assistant appears.

  5. Click Browse to locate and select the file you want to upgrade, then click Open.

    Are you upgrading a backed up company file (.zip)?

    If you want to upgrade a backup from an earlier version of AccountRight, you first need to unzip. Do this by double-clicking the ZIP file to view its contents then extracting (or copy/pasting) the backed up company file to your Desktop.

    Upgrade assistant with company file selected to upgrade

  6. If a password has been specified in the file you're upgrading, type the password in the Password field.
  7. If you want, change the name of the file in the Name field.

    Special characters in existing company file names

    If your existing file contains characters that aren't allowed in the new file format, such as an ampersand (&), an asterisk (*) or a period (.), these characters will be replaced by an underscore (_) when you upgrade the file.

  8. The file will be saved in the AccountRight library that’s on your computer. The default location for the library is My Documents\MYOB\My AccountRight Files (you can change the library location later).
    To save the company file on a network computer that has AccountRight Server Edition installed, click Browse and select the Network Libraries option to set up the network library.

  9. Click Upgrade to start the upgrade process. This can take a few minutes.
  10. When the upgrade's complete, click Open Upgraded File. The Sign-on window appears.
  11. Click OK to open the company file. The Confirmation Assistant appears. About activation and confirmation.
  12. Click I use this company file to record or edit my business transactions.
  13. Choose how you want to confirm and follow the relevant onscreen instructions. Note that we recommend confirming online as the quickest, easiest way.

Depending on which features you use in your software, you may need to complete additional upgrade tasks. For detailed information, see Additional upgrade tasks.

  Upgrading FAQs

Why am I getting the message "The company file cannot be upgraded"?

Why am I getting the message, "The company file cannot be upgraded"?

If you see the message "The company file cannot be upgraded", try the following:

  • Make sure you're trying to upgrade the company file in the latest AccountRight version. Each AccountRight update provides performance enhancements, and can help make upgrading a smoother process.
  • Make sure the company file contains no unprocessed electronic payments, bank deposits, or pay liability transactions. For help with processing or clearing these transactions in your previous software version, see the support note Processing transactions before upgrading to the new AccountRight.