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  • We can't upgrade some Premier files



The new AccountRight now has almost all of the features available in classic AccountRight Premier, but the multiple currency feature is not yet available. But, we've been working on it, and we've got some exciting news!

Right now, we're building multiple currencies for AccountRight Premier.

It's currently in beta, which means some of the functions aren't ready yet. You don't need to wait to try it out though—update to 2018.2 and try the multiple currencies demo in the Clearwater sample file.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know on the community forum.

What to do if you can't upgrade yet. If you're happy to start fresh and don't need multiple currencies, create a file in the new AccountRight, which is already installed—see Create a company file. (As a Premier user, you can have two files in the cloud.)

If you still need to track multiple currencies, continue using your existing file with AccountRight v19 or earlier.

Using AccountRight Enterprise? If you're using Multiple Locations or Negative Inventory, your file can't be upgraded yet, but stay tuned!

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