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If you receive an error, this means that the employment information you've submitted has not been accepted by Inland Revenue. You'll need to troubleshoot the error, and submit the information again. Here's some of the common errors and how to fix them.


To view the status of your payday filing submissions

To view the status of your payday filing submissions

  1. Go to Payroll Payday filing.
  2. To view:
    • Pay run submissions - click Employment information submissions.
    • Employee submissions - click Employee details submissions.
  3. Click the Action menu button (...) and choose View details.

Here you'll see more detail on the status of the submission.

Errors explained

Error type

Error code



ErrorIR error code: 1 Authentication FailureThe link between Inland Revenue and MYOB Essentials has been broken for the person who submitted the employment information.

Step 1 - Delete the pay for all employees

Step 2 - Process the pay again.

Step 3 - The person who submitted this information needs to:

  1. Remove MYOB authorisation
    1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing > Inland Revenue settings.
    2. Click Remove authorisation.
  2. Authorise MYOB for payday filing as a delegated user.
RejectedIR error code: 4 Unauthorized Delegation

The person who submitted the employment information hasn't been delegated to submit for the business.

The most common cause of this error is that IRD haven't migrated delegated users from the previous method of filing monthly returns.

Another cause of this error is logging in and authorising MYOB using your personal myIR details instead of with the account created by the business.

To check that you have access to the Payroll Account in myIR:

  1. Log into myIR as you normally would.
  2. Click My Business.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select the Access tab.
  5. Check to see which accounts you have access too. You need access to the Payroll account to be able to be able to use payday filing. If you don't have access to the 'Payroll' account, you'll need to speak to the person in the business who is the owner and they'll be able to delegate you access.
  6. Once you have access to the 'payroll' account, go back into Essentials, and re-submit the rejected returns.

If you have completed the steps above and are still getting rejected reports, see the steps below to check that you linked the correct myIR account.

To check that the correct myIR account is linked, the person who submitted the employment information needs to:

Step 1 - Remove MYOB authorisation

  1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing > Inland Revenue settings.
  2. Click Remove authorisation.

Step 2 - Make sure you are logged out of myIR. This ensures you log in to the correct account.

Step 3 - Authorise MYOB for payday filing as a delegated user.

Step 4 - Resubmit the employment information.

  1. Go to Payroll > Payday filing.
  2. Click the Action button (...), and select Submit to Inland Revenue.

ErrorIR error code: 21  Invalid XMLThe most common cause of this error is the email address not being complete or in a valid format. For example, if you leave off the '.com' or '' section of an email address.
  1. Go to Payroll > IRD monthly returns and check that the Contact Email address and other details on the page are correct.
  2. Click Download to save any changes you make.

If you're still getting this error, you'll need to contact us to help you resolve it.


Error Code 102: ID/Account Type Invalid

This error can occur because the myIR account associated with the IRD number doesn't have access to an 'EMP' account.

Call IR on:
Employing people - General enquiries
0800 377 772

(Calling from overseas +64 4 978 0779)

 And ask for your account to be associated with an EMP account.

ErrorIR error code: 103  No Return FoundThe return has been deleted in myIR.If you didn't delete the employment information from myIR, you may need to contact Inland Revenue to find out what happened.
ErrorIR error code 104: Invalid Filing Period

This can occur for a number of reasons:

  1. You're trying to file for a period which you've already filed a non-payday return for.
    Example: entering in payroll from a prior month in which you have already submitted an IR 345 and IR 348.
  2. You're trying to file too far in advance.
    Example: The current month is April and you're filing for August. If you're processing more than a month or so in advance, check with IR whether or not they will accept it.
Check the period/dates you're filing for.
ErrorIR error code 106: A relationship between this account and employee IRD already existsA user has created an employee in MYOB Essentials that already exists in myIR.No action is required, but if you go into myIR and view the employees for the business, you see that the employee already exists.
ErrorIR error code 134The employee's IRD number is invalid.
  1. Update the employee's IRD number (Payroll menu > Employees > click the employee's name > Tax tab > IRD number).
  2. Delete the employee's pay.
  3. Redo the employee's pay.

IR error code 162: The filing period pre
dates the existence of payday filing.

You can’t file this return through payday filing because the filing period predates the payday filing system.File a paper return with Inland Revenue, if you haven’t already done one.
ErrorIR error code 164: The filing period is too far in the futureThe period you are trying to file for is too far in the future. Wait, and file this return closer to the date.
ErrorIR error code 400This error usually means there's an issue on the IR end affecting the submission.Contact us on 0508 328 283 and we'll resend your submission.
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