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Australia only

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is an ATO initiative to streamline payroll reporting. You’ll be able to report payroll and super information directly to the ATO when you process a pay run in MYOB Essentials.

As a result of this change, you may no longer need to complete payment summaries at the end of the financial year as your employees' payroll information will be available to them through the government's online service, myGov.

You can report Single Touch Payroll amounts to the ATO directly from MYOB Essentials.

Do I need to report my payroll?

If you haveyou'll need to
20 or more employeesset up and start reporting using Single Touch Payroll by 1 July 2018
fewer than 20 employeesset up and start reporting using Single Touch Payroll by 1 July 2019

Not sure if you need to report your payroll? Check with the ATO.

How do I report payroll in MYOB Essentials?

Before you report Single Touch Payroll amounts, you need to:

  1. Check that your company information and employee details meet ATO requirements
  2. Assign an ATO category to all your payroll categories
  3. Connect your MYOB software to the ATO

See Set up Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Once set up, your payroll information will be sent to the ATO each time you do a pay run.

Want to learn more about Single Touch Payroll?

The ATO website has lots of great info - see Single Touch Payroll.

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