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Practice Manager only

(AE) To add this to your homepage, drag Aged Debt from the Practice Manager Toolbox to your homepage.

You can change the date to which the Aged Debt is displayed by entering the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or selecting the date using the drop-down calendar in the Date field.

Right-click the display to open a menu that enables you to:

  • Filter the graph by Client Partner, Client Manager, Assignment Partner (AE), Job Partner (AO), Assignment Manager (AE), Job Manager (AO), or by Practice. By selecting Practice, the graph includes all clients for your practice.

  • Drill Down to view the list of clients that comprise the Debtor balance for the age band selected.

  • Copy Graph for use in other applications.

  • Change the filter to another Employee. The filter defaults to the logged in employee.

  • Filter the graph by selected Billing Company.

(AE) Your security group dictates whether or not you will see this bar chart.