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  • Cancelling your MYOB Atlas website



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You can cancel your MYOB Atlas website at any time. Or, if you choose not to renew your MYOB Atlas subscription but don't cancel your website, you'll be moved automatically to the Business Card plan.


To cancel your website

To cancel your website, you need to email the MYOB Atlas team at

Make sure that you include the following information in your email:

  • your domain name
  • your business name
  • your login account (the account you log in to MYOB Atlas with)

We strongly recommend that you extract any website data you want to keep (such as text, images, downloads and CSV files) before you submit your cancellation request. For more information, see the MYOB Atlas Terms of Use (Australia | New Zealand).

To move to the Business Card plan

If you choose not to renew your MYOB Atlas subscription, you'll be moved automatically to the Business Card plan.

This will provide you with a basic webpage that displays your business contact information, but won't give you access to any other MYOB Atlas features. For example, if you have a gallery of products and services, your website visitors won't be able to see it.

You'll still be able to log into MYOB Atlas at any time to change to a different plan—once you do, website content such as your gallery will be visible again.


What will happen to my domain names?

If you cancel your website, you'll be offered two choices for how you want to deal with your domain names. If you:

  • no longer require your domain names, we'll delete them and they'll no longer be available.
  • want to keep your domain names, you'll need to transfer them to another registrar before cancelling your website. For more information, see Transferring domain names to another registrar.