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  • Subscribing to or unsubscribing from MYOB and partner updates




As an MYOB Atlas user, you can subscribe to get updates—usually by email—from MYOB and MYOB's partners. By subscribing, you'll receive:

  • occasional correspondence about MYOB products and services, and
  • occasional correspondence about MYOB's partners' products and services, as well as special offers and advice about improving your website and online presence.


To subscribe to get updates
  1. Click My account in the Settings toolbar.
  2. Click Edit account settings in the Account information section.
  3. In the Get updates section of the Account information page, select the checkboxes for the types of updates you want to receive.
  4. Once you're finished, click Save.
To unsubscribe from updates

If you'd like to stop receiving updates, you can unsubscribe at any time. You can do so in the following ways:

if you unsubscribe via email, you'll need to send the email from your MYOB Atlas account email address. It will take up to five business days to unsubscribe your email address.