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From 18 November 2019 this page will no longer list your clients' MYOB Essentials files. The good news is we've got an even better dashboard ready and waiting for you.


MYOB Partners only

Your clients businesses listed on the Partner Dashboard. Click on the business name to jump straight to the selected business’s MYOB Essentials Dashboard. You’ll be logged in automatically.

Partner dashboard with businesses highlighted

To access a client's MYOB Essentials business

To access a client's MYOB Essentials business

  1. Log in to MYOB Essentials as an accounting advisor.
    The Partner Dashboard appears.
  2. Click the business name of the business you want to work with.
    The selected business’s MYOB Essentials Dashboard appears, ready for you to start work. You’re logged in automatically.
  3. You can now work with most areas of your client’s MYOB Essentials business.
    When you’re finished, click Log out at the top of the page, and close the browser window.