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Email support

We only accept email support enquiries from clients with a support subscription. If you have chosen casual support please call 0900 592 437.

If you have a support subscription and you want to email us for help, please include the following information in your email:

  • Your serial number. Press the F5 key in Ace Payroll to find your serial number.

  • Your contact number.

  • The name of your company.

  • If the email is an order, please include your delivery address.

If you are emailing a particular staff member, please ensure their name is in the subject line of the email.


Customer enquiries

The best way to learn about Ace Payroll is to browse our website and install a demo version of Ace Payroll.

If you have specific questions about the system or our pricing, but don’t want to call us, send us an email which includes:

  • Your phone number, name and company name.

  • Your postal address if you would like a demo CD.

  • Your current payroll system, if you have one. We have a cross upgrade special offer.

  • Any specific questions you have - "Please tell me more about your system" is difficult to answer.


Support contact hours are:

Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5pm

Sales Toll Free 0800 223 729
Contract Support 0800 223 729
Casual Support 0900 592 437
International 0064 4 586 9600 


Ace Payroll
P O Box 30 948 Lower Hutt