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Article ID: 36163

Accountants Office Suite
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New Zealand
Workpapers (NZ)
AE Workpapers (AU)

ARTICLE LAST UPDATED: 3/10/2016 4:02:00 PM

In MYOB Workpapers you may experience the following error "Period X to Y is locked by <Username>" when opening a Workpaper period.

When a workpaper is opened the system locks that workpaper so that other user cannot open the same workpaper at the same time.

This lock automatically clears 5 minutes after you close the workpaper.

To resolve this error within 5 minutes of another user having closed the workpaper, you need to wait the 5 minute delay before attempting to open the workpaper.

If the workpaper is still locked after waiting 5 minutes, contact MYOB Client Accounting support on 1300 555 666 and quote KB 36163.


In the VPMSER (also called AEDB1 or AODB1) database view the dbo.WP_Lock table.

Where there is only 1 record, the lck_message matches the message you are experiencing.

If it is > 5 minutes since the lck_locked date (i.e the lck_duration is 300 seconds), delete this record.

If there are multiple records, determine the required record and delete only the record relating to the client code experiencing the issue.