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You can download a trial version or student version from our website. If downloading for study purposes, download the 30-day trial version and select the option I need MYOB for study (students only).

How to explore your trial version of AccountRight

When you download a trial or student version you can create your own company file to explore AccountRight's features. Note that you don't need to activate your company file. In the Activation window, select the option I use this file for practice, evaluation or study purposes.

A trial version can be used for 30 days before the file becomes read-only. Note that student versions are transaction limited, so the file will become read-only once the transaction limit has been reached.

In read-only mode, you can still view, print and export your business information; however, you won't be able to enter any new information.

If you decide to purchase the full version of the AccountRight software, you'll be able to activate the company file you created in the free trial or student version and continue to enter new transactions.

You can also practice using AccountRight with its built-in sample company file. You can save, delete, and change as much information as you like and learn as you play with it. See Using the sample company file (Clearwater).

Online and classroom training

If you want to get up to speed quickly with AccountRight, try our online courses at MYOB Academy (

And if you need more, there's an awesome range of classroom-style training courses you can attend right around Australia and New Zealand. Book a training course.