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You can choose to be reminded on, or before, the scheduled date of a recurring transaction—see Specify an alert option. If you use this option, the Reminders List window appears when you open your company file, when a recurring transaction is due (or overdue).

The options available in this window depend on the status of the selected recurring transaction (if more than one is showing). For example, if the selected transaction has a due date of today or is overdue, the Remind Tomorrow and Remind When Due buttons are not available.

The reminder options are outlined below.

Skip This Period

You don’t want to record the transaction this period.

The reminder is removed from the list.

Remind TomorrowYou don’t want to record the transaction today, but want to be reminded tomorrow.
Remind When DueYou don’t want to record the transaction today, but want to be reminded when the transaction is next due.
RecordYou want to record the transaction now.