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MYOB Ledger videos


Choosing a ledger

Introduction to MYOB Ledger (click me)

  • What is MYOB Ledger?
  • MYOB Ledger prerequisites
  • MYOB Ledger workflow

Module 1: Setting up your MYOB Ledger

Setting up MYOB Ledger (click me)

  • Migrating to MYOB Ledger
  • Checking the accounts
  • Creating a new MYOB Ledger
  • Define balance forward accounts
  • Launch MYOB Ledger
  • Define income allocation
  • Partnership legers
  • Trust ledger

Module 2: Setting up an Asset Register

Introduction to Assets (click me)

  • What is the Assets module?

Setting up Assets (click me)

  • Assets prerequisites
  • Setting up Asset Register
  • Specify Asset Register settings
  • Adding a new year
  • Maintain control groups
  • Migrating Asset Registers

Module 3: Adding current-year data

Adding data to MYOB Ledge (click me)

  • Enter prior year balance
  • Import prior year balance (CSV)
  • Add current year data (MYE or TXT)
  • Add current year data (CSV)
  • Add current year data (Journal in movements)
  • Enter bank transactions

Module 4: Substantiating balances

Introduction to workpapers (click me)

  • What is the workpapers module?

Using workpapers to add data (click me)

  • Adding workpaper periods
  • Adding workpaper periods (subsequent years)
  • Rolling over into a new period
  • Rolling over workpaper data
  • Enter prior-year balance (journal in)
  • Import prior-year balance (CSV)
  • Add current-year data (CSV)
  • Add current-year data (journal in)
  • Prepare workpapers
  • Add account links
  • Linking documents to accounts
  • Account maintenance in workpapers
  • Viewing transactions
  • Add an adjusting journal 
  • Income Tax Integration workpaper
  • Livestock - closing stock adjustment

Using Assets (click me)

  • Accessing Asset Register
  • Working with multiple years
  • Managing Assets

Finalising Assets (click me)

  • Submitting asset journals
  • Asset and GL reconciliation
  • Posting asset journals to the ledger
  • Re-submission of asset journals
  • Reporting on assets

Approving workpapers (click me)

  • Working with approvals
  • Sending workpapers for approval
  • Approving workpapers

Finalising workpapers (click me)

  • Finalising workpapers (posting adjusting journals)
  • Finalising workpapers (PDF copy)
  • Finalising workpapers (completing the period)

Workpaper rollover process (click me)

  • Rolling over into a new period

Module 5: Producing financial statements

Introduction to Statutory Reporter (click me)

  • What is Statutory Reporter?

Setting up financial reports (click me)

  • Background
  • Specifying non-transactional data
  • Practice non-transactional data preferences
  • Specifying account groups
  • Account groups—other trust
  • Account groups—unit trust
  • Account groups—partnership
  • Customising client reports

Running Statutory Reporter reports (click me)

  • Running a set of reports
  • Previewing reports
  • Changing the look of reports
  • Running periodic reports

Customising financial reports (click me)

  • Practice report settings