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When you have processed all the assets movements for the year (adding, selling, private use, etc.) you can view reports. If no further changes are required, you can then post your journals.



Reports that you can run from assets:

  • Low value pool schedule.
  • Small business pool schedule.
  • Tax and accounting schedule.
  • Journal summary report.
To access reports
  1. Click Reports on the toolbar.
  2. Click the report that you want to view. The Report Option window appears.
  3. Click OK.
    On the toolbar you can:
    • search for a particular asset
    • print a hard copy of your report
    • save your report to various formats.


In register settings, you need to have selected whether you want your accounting or your taxation journals submitted back into your workpaper period or trial balance view.

To process a journal
  • To view a  journals, open the workpaper period or trial view and click View journals on the Tasks bar.
    Changing your asset register will change the journals.
  • To submit a journal, select Submit Journal on the Tasks bar. The journal is passed to the workpaper period or trial balance view as a draft journals.
    If you have not already posted the journal into the configured ledger, the new journal replaces the original journal.
    If you have already posted your journal back to the configured ledger, the journal is submitted as an adjustment journal.
  • To post the journal, select Post Journals or on the Tasks bar. The journal is posted back to MYOB Ledger.
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