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  • Secure document transfer
  • Anywhere, anytime access to important documents
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  • Digital signature approval*

You'll receive an email from your advisor to get you started.

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You'll get an email invite from your advisor that'll give you access to a secure online space. Learn more about signing in.


* Some advisors might not offer digital signature features.


Focus on your business, not books  

Quickly and securely transfer documents to your advisor when they need them, so they can work on your books and let you focus on what's really important.


Access your financial documents - anywhere, anytime

MYOB Portal is mobile optimised so you can access all of your important financial documents from your advisor via the cloud anywhere, on any device.




Easy communication

Collaborate easily with your advisor and receive alerts every time a document is posted for you, so nothing is missed.


Sign documents on the go

Submit legal signatures to your advisor electronically, direct from your mobile device.

Note that some advisors might not offer this feature.