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Recent updates

We've redesigned the portal and improved workflows to make it easier for you to do what you need to do. For instance:

  • You'll be able to easily identify the practice logo, practice name and portal name of the portal you're using.
  • Portals that you've been included in are easily visible and listed on the left of your screen. When you're working in a specific portal, the portal is highlighted so that you know which one you're in and you won't get confused with other portals you belong to.
  • There is a tab for your Tasks along the top of the screen where you'll be able to see when tasks are due and the other portal users that have been assigned to the task by your accountant.
  • There is a tab for your Documents along the top of the screen where you'll be able to see all your documents, any associated tags and who has access to the document. 
  • You can easily sort and filter your documents.
  • You're now able to see all the details of a task in a separate panel on the same browser window/tab from which you're accessing the portal. You won't have to go to another browser window/tab like you used to.
  • Access the online help and logout using  next to your name.