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Do not delete this page. This is a IPM from MYOB Practice when the BAS is in empty state.

MYOB Practice now makes preparing, lodging and tracking activity statements easier, and we’ve built in new capabilities to ensure you can get it all done quickly and with no fuss. 

What's new?

  • Compliance has a new look! We've moved some things around, updated the colours and made it look a little more MYOB.
  • There's more status and filteroptions, so you can easily find forms and closely track the progress of activity statements.
  • We've moved Tax and BAS agent settings to MYOB Practice settings, and added the ability to assign different lodging agents to your clients.
  • We'll automatically create the activity statement from the Activity statement lodgement report (ASLR) and ATO data is pre-filled when you access the statement.



Getting started

Already lodging with MYOB Practice?

You can start preparing activity statements now. You don't need to do any further setting up. We've moved some things around, so find out what these changes mean for you in our Activity statements upgrade guide.


First time lodging with MYOB Practice?

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is set up your tax/BAS agent in MYOB Practice, then authorise MYOB to be your lodgment software provider. Then you're ready to prepare activity statements.