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After you’ve published a document to a client portal there are several places you can access the document from.

In MYOB Practice

Any documents that you have published to a client portal can be found in MYOB Practice. You’ll see the documents listed in the Documents > Sent page.

If you requested a digital signature, you’ll also see the related task listed in the Tasks > Open tasks page. If you published more than one document, only one task will be created and associated with them. You can see all the related documents on the Tasks details page.

Note that if you delete a task or digitally-signed document in MYOB Practice, it will no longer be accessible from Document Manager either (if you use it). The original (not-signed) document that you published will remain in Document Manager.

Document Manager

If you have Document Manager, you’ll see an icon next to the documents you have published in the Clients > Documents tab and in the Versioning page of Document Manager.

You can also access digitally-signed documents from Document Manager. While the signed document is saved in MYOB Practice, you can click a link in Document Manager that will open the signed file for you.

Note that if you delete a signed document from Document Manager, the link to the online document stored in MYOB Practice will be removed, but the digitally-signed document will remain in MYOB Practice.

Client > Documents tab (MYOB AE/AO)

If you don’t have Document Manager, and you’re publishing documents from the Clients > Documents tab in MYOB AO/AE Client Accounting, there’s no visual indicator to let you know which documents you have published to the portal.

If you want to store a copy of a digitally-signed document in your desktop software, you need to download it from MYOB Practice:

  1. Go to the Documents page in MYOB Practice.

  2. Click the Action button for the document and choose Download. The document is downloaded in PDF format

  3. Add the document to the client’s Documents tab in MYOB AO/AE.