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We've updated our designs in line with MYOB Practice. We've made improvements to:

  • automatically add the assigned agent and client for new activity statements
  • made it easier to find information in our new BAS forms
  • simplified the workflow to make it easier to create, manage and lodge activity statements online.
Can I revise activity statements?

You can't currently revise activity statements in MYOB Practice.

Previously you could revise because activity statements weren't prefilled directly from the ATO. They had to be created and entered manually.

Now with Portal in MYOB Practice, a direct link is created to the ATO's server so you can prefill forms automatically. The prefill data includes the figures the ATO are expecting, as well as any outstanding activity statements. This brings great convenience and time-saving benefits. But it also means that once an activity statement is lodged, the ATO no longer requires it to be lodged again, which is why revisions are currently unavailable.

We understand that you may still want the option to revise, so we're working with the ATO on a way to allow this. For now, if you need to lodge a revised activity statement, you need to create and lodge it through MYOB AE/AO on your desktop. Alternatively, you can revise directly through ATO Online.

Where do I create or lodge new activity statements?

From October 2019, you’ll be able to log in as usual, see the upgraded BAS forms and use the new workflow to create and lodge activity statements.

In client view, select the client you wish to lodge a BAS for then click Add new on the top right-hand corner and follow the on-screen prompts. 


How long does it take to Sync your contacts?

The time required to perform the initial sync process varies based on the number of contacts, and the practice’s internet speed. A typical practice with a fast internet connection and less than 10,000 clients and contacts will complete the upload processing time in a handful of hours. However, larger practices (with tens of thousands of contacts) can take a few days to complete the processing.

Once the initial migration is complete, updates to the cloud are completed within a minute of changes within the desktop system.

What happens if the contacts sync is running when a server backup starts?

When a desktop backup is run, this can interfere with the initial migration process due to the database being locked. The process will show as incomplete, and a restart will be required when the backup has been completed. This reset process is triggered by MYOB.

All my client information will be online—What security is available (client restrictions)?

MYOB Practice uses the client access permissions from MYOB AE/AO. If you've already set up these permissions in AE/AO, you don't need to do anything to enable them in MYOB Practice.

Can I access outstanding and lodged activity statements after the upgrade?

You'll find all your outstanding activity statements in the old system. This includes unlodged, in progress, in review and those awaiting signatures.

To access your outstanding activity statements, on the Compliance page, click Back to the old system.

To start a new activity statement, create the form in the new system.

I’m only using BAS online—how will this effect my desktop information?

It won’t affect their desktop data. Only contact information is synced.

Do I need to set up my agent again?

No, the upgrade will migrate your existing agent settings.

Can I delete a BAS?

You can now delete In progress or In review activity statements from the Compliance listing (from the All Clients view or once you've selected the client). Find the BAS you’d like to delete in the list, click the ellipsis icon () and then select Delete.

How do I access my client's assets register?

You can access assets by either clicking Compliance or Transaction processing. You can only access assets in Compliance if you have a company tax return. Otherwise, you can access assets through Transaction processing.

How do I lodge an FBT return?

You need to use the old system to prepare and lodge an FBT return. On the Compliance page, click Back to the old system.

Are new activity statements going to be pre-filled with underlying ledger data?

No, but it will be pre-filled with information from the ATO.

Why does the status of my BAS say "Not Started" in the Transaction Processing page when I've already done work on it?

After the upgrade, the Transaction processing page only shows the status for outstanding activity statements created in the new system. All activity statements created in the old system, will show as Not started.

You can still view and complete your outstanding activity statements in the old system. On the Compliance page, click Back to the old system.

What are the new form statuses?

We've re-labelled some form statuses and added some new ones to help you closely track the progress of activity statements.

You can view these statuses from the Transaction processing and Compliance pages:

Not Started

On the Compliance page, this status indicates you've created a form for the client, but haven't entered any details.

On the Transaction processing page, Not started will also appear for upcoming forms that you haven’t started in MYOB Practice yet, or in progress forms in the old BAS system.

In progressYou've started, but haven't finished working on this form. It's not ready to be lodged or reviewed yet.
In review

You've filled in the form and you're ready for a colleague to check it over.

When you click the Send for review button, the status of the form changes to In review. The Send for Rework and Approve all buttons also appear on the top right of the page.

If there's any changes required, the reviewer can click Send for Rework to update the status back to In progress so the preparer can update the form. If there's no changes, the reviewer can click Approve all to indicate the form is Ready for client review.

Ready for client review

The form has been approved by someone internally and is ready to be sent to the client.

Pending signatureYou’ve requested a signature from your client (electronic or manual), and are waiting for them to approve the form.
Processing lodgment We're currently sending the form to the ATO.

You don't need to lodge these forms unless you're varying the ATO calculated installments.

Fail to lodgeThere was a problem getting your client's pre-fill data. Please contact MYOB support for assistance.
Does the new system work with Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer isn't supported by Microsoft anymore and won't be updated in the future. We recommend you use a more compatible browser, such as Google Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

How do I change the lodging agent for my client?

When you add your first activity statement or tax return for a client in the new BAS system, you'll still need to select an agent if you haven't already linked one yet. Then, when you select the agent, we'll automatically link them to that client for you.

You can change the agent at any time from your client's settings. See Link a tax/BAS agent to a client for more info.

I'm trying to open a BAS from the Compliance page but it isn't loading and the window appears blank. What do I do?

If the time set on your computer is custom or isn't based on a specific time zone, you may not be able to load a BAS from the Compliance page. Check your computer settings and try setting it according to a time zone.