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Activity statements in MYOB Practice! 

Australia only

MYOB Practice makes preparing, lodging and tracking activity statements easier, and we’ve built in new capabilities to ensure you can get it all done quickly and with no fuss. If you use MYOB AE/AO in your practice you can also lodge Fringe Benefits Tax returns.

Click Compliance in the top menu bar to access all tax features.

A faster way to get client approval

With MYOB Practice you can get clients to sign their return electronically for activity statements or FBT returns before you lodge it with the ATO. That saves you from having to download, email or print and send the form. You’ll be notified as soon as they approve or reject the form.

To enable this feature for a client, make sure you’ve set up a portal for them before you prepare their return. Then you can send the form to their portal as part of the form preparation process, and they’ll get an email requesting approval.


What are the benefits?

  • We'll automatically create the activity statement from the Activity statement lodgment report (ASLR) and ATO data is pre-filled when you access the statement.
  • Import GST return report from MYOB Business and AccountRight files helping you connect with your clients.
  • Use status and filter options, so you can easily find forms and closely track the progress of activity statements.
  • Assign different lodging agents to your clients.
  • Get your client to digitally approve and sign.
  • Bulk lodge activity statements


Getting started