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If you have an AccountRight classic file that you want to upgrade later, you can add its details to the Transaction processing page now, and complete the upgrade at a later date.

If you have several classic files you want to add, see Add more than one desktop file at once.

Have you imported a CSV file for desktop files you want to upgrade? See the "To upgrade desktop files" procedure below.

To add a desktop file
  1. Go to Transaction processing > Desktop files and click Add desktop files.
    The Find desktop file to upgrade dialog displays.

  2. Enter the Serial number.

  3. Click Search.
    The business name and AccountRight product appears.

  4. Click Add to my dashboard.
    The AccountRight classic file is added to your Desktop files page so that you can upgrade at a later date using the procedure below.

If you have lots of files to add, consider importing a CSV file. See Add more than one desktop file at once.

To upgrade desktop files

If you have added files to the Desktop files page, you can now upgrade them:

  1. Click Desktop files on the Transaction processing page.

  2. Click  next to the business you want to upgrade and select Upgrade file.

  3. If the file has an active licence agreement, go to step 4.
    If the file doesn't have an active licence agreement, t
    he Upgrade desktop file page displays.

    1. Pick the AccountRight or Essentials product you'd like to upgrade to.

    2. Select your payment method. Will your client pay directly or are you billing them?

    3. Click Continue.

  4. The Upgrade desktop file - Upload latest company file page displays with a product confirmation.

  5. Now choose from one of the following options:

    Upload now

    Click Upload now if you have the latest company file and want to upload it. The Upload your company file page displays.

    Find your company file or drag and drop it into the page.

    Once the file has been uploaded, it's displayed on your Desktop files page. You'll also see details of the subscription linked to the file (including the number of licences available to upgrade to the new AccountRight) including the upgrade status of the file.

    Once the upgrade to the online version is complete, the entry is moved to your Online files page.

    Request from client

    Click Request from client if you want to send an email to your client requesting that they upload their latest company data file.

    In the Upgrade desktop file - Email your client to request their file page:

    1. Enter your client's details and their email address.

    2. The Send me a copy of this email checkbox is ticked by default. Untick the checkbox if you don't want to receive a copy of this email.

    3. Click Confirm and send. An email will be sent to your client.

    As you're waiting for your client to upload the company data file, the entry on your Desktop files page has a status of Awaiting file.

    The entry displays the following information: Account name, the product name of the AccountRight classic account, the serial number, and number of active licences for online entitlement that are available for use with this account. 

    When your client uploads the file, the status will change to In progress for the upgrade.

    Once the upgrade to the online version is complete, the entry is moved to your Online files page.

    If the client is taking a while to upload their file, you can send them a reminder to upload it.