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Do not delete this page - MYOB Practice navigates to it from within the product

This information only applies if you only have MYOB Practice or are an MYOB Partner, without MYOB AE/AO.

If you use MYOB AE/AO, follow the steps in the Practice Manager help instead to create or delete employees.

MYOB Practice Administrators can set up staff from your practice as MYOB Practice users. This lets you control what they have access to. For example, you can restrict their access to a client, or give them access to a client.

To create a my.myob account for other staff in your practice

You need to be an MYOB Practice Administrator or a primary contact of the practice to add or remove users from my.myob.

You also need to have a my.myob account to create other my.myob accounts. If you don't have an account, contact us.

  1. Sign in to my.MYOB and go to My Account > Manage Practice Users.
  2. Click Create New User.
  3. Enter the staff member's details and assign their permissions
  4. Click Create.

If you have any issues when following these steps, check the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.

Troubleshooting issues when creating a user in my.myob

"Login Name (Email Address) already exists" message

If you're creating a my.MYOB account and an error appears saying the user already has a my.myob account, you can't create another account for the user. Try adding them to MYOB Practice as a staff member by following the To create an MYOB Practice user procedure below. If you have any issues when following the procedure, contact us for help adding the user.

I don’t see the "Manage practice users" page in my.myob

Ensure you're an MYOB Practice Administrators or primary contact of the practice. If there are other practice administrators in your practice who have access to the Manage practice users page, ask them to change your account's permissions.

If no one else in your practice can access the Manage practice users page in my.myob, contact us.

To create an MYOB Practice user

Above procedure references this procedure name

  • This procedure adds staff from your practice as MYOB Practice users. Before you begin, you need to have created a my.myob account for those staff. If they don't have an account, first complete the above procedure, To create a my.myob account for other staff in your practice.
  • You need to be an MYOB Practice Administrator.
  • Do you use MYOB AE/AO? Follow these steps instead to create an employee.
  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Settings and choose Staff.

  2. On the top right of the page, click Add staff.

  3. Enter the staff member's email address that's associated with an MYOB account.

  4. Click Add staff. The staff member is added with a General role.

    If you want to give them an Administrator role, you can manage staff roles in MYOB Practice.

To delete an MYOB Practice user
  1. On the left of MYOB Practice, click Settings.

  2. In the Staff tab, select the staff member you want to remove.

  3. Click Delete staff.