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This information only applies if you have both MYOB Practice without MYOB AE/AO.

If you use MYOB AE/AOmanage assigned staff from your client's Responsibility tab in AE/AO. Sync your contacts so your staff members appear in MYOB Practice.

After you've created a client, you can assign them staff members to identify who is responsible for that client's work.

You need to add your staff members as MYOB Practice users before you can assign them to a client.

To assign staff, you'll need to go to the client's workspace and edit the client's details.

To assign staff to a client
  1. Click All clients on the left side menu bar.
  2. Click the client's name to open the client's workspace.
  3. Click Edit contact details or the Edit button.

  4. In the Responsibility section, you can assign a staff member or multiple staff member who is responsible for the client's work.

  5. From Contacts, select a client from your Contact list and click Edit
    From the Client workspace, in the Details section, click the pencil icon. The Client details page appears.
  6. In the Responsibility section, click Assign staff member.
  7. Select the staff member that will be responsible for the client from drop-down list. The staff member's name appears in the Responsibility section.

    You can assign multiple staff members to a client. Click Assign staff member again and select another staff member.

  8. Once all staff members are assigned, click Save.

  9. To unassign a staff member, click

You can also filter staff members on the Transaction processing page. This lets you filter files to show for only the clients you're assigned to.