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We're working on new features, fixing bugs, and improving our systems behind the scenes to keep Practice Tax running smoothly for your business.

In addition to the features on this page, we're continually working on general stabilisation and reliability improvements to bring you the best experience possible.


Check out the most recent feature releases and other updates.

Here's a list of features to look forward to in the coming months.

  • Revising an activity statement.
  • Populate activity statements from MYOB Business ledger.
  • Enhancements to non-individual returns (company, trusts, and partnership).

There are some features that you might be doing in MYOB AE/AO but are not yet available in Practice Tax.

  • Sharing of data such as interest, dividends worksheet, rental between non-individual tax returns (company, trust, and partnership) to the individual tax returns.
  • Rolling over depreciation assets for non-individual returns, Company, Trust, and Partnership.
  • Individual return:
    • Capital gains worksheet
  • Company return
    • Substituted accounting period
  • Partnership
    • Distributions to partners
    • Substituted accounting period
  • Trust
    • Distributions to beneficiaries
    • Substituted accounting period




The MYOB Practice Tax (AU) coming soon page outlines our plans based on current expectations, forecasts and assumptions. MYOB is committed to remaining agile and responsive to customer and market requirements. This means that it may be subject to change without notice and shouldn't be relied on when making investment decisions. MYOB provides no representations or warranties (whether express or implied) that the products or features outlined in the MYOB Practice Tax (AU) coming soon page will be suitable for your particular business needs, and we make no guarantees regarding any projected product releases, new features, timelines or efficiencies.