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Everyone who needs access to a client portal will need to be set up as a user first.

Users can have full access to the client portal, and they'll see everything in the portal.

Users who are contributors will only be able to see documents and tasks that are shared with them, i.e., they have restricted access. 

You can create a new user when you're creating or editing a portal, and when creating a task. The way you create a new user is the same no matter where you start from.

To create portal users
  1. In the Create Portal or Edit Portal page, click + Add a full access user or + Add a contributor.

  2. Click + Create new user.

  3. Enter the new user's Name and Title / Position.
  4. Enter a unique Email address for the new user.

    The email address can't be edited, so make sure you enter the correct email address. Ideally this address should be the one they use to log into their own MYOB products, or an email address associated with a Google account.

    If the client later wants to change the address they use to log in to their portal, you'll need to set them up as a new user, and remove the old user account from the portal. See Edit a client portal.

  5. Select the status of the new user to be either Full access or Contributor, as required.

  6. Click Create, then Add.