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The way you create clients and contacts differs whether you use AE/AO or not.

If you

  • use AE/AO, you'll need to make the changes to the clients and contacts in AE/AO.
  • are a Partner Program member, you can make the changes in MYOB Practice.

I'm an Accountants Enterprise/Accountants Office (AE/AO) user

You can't create or edit contact and client details directly in MYOB Practice.

(NZ only) Once you've got your clients in MYOB Practice, you need to set up their tax-related Compliance settings. If later on you need to change these tax-related settings, you can update them directly in the MYOB Practice Compliance settings.

 I'm a Partner program member

When you take on a new client, you can create a client record for them in MYOB Practice, so their information and file details are all within easy reach. The database consists of clients and contacts, all of whom have some level of interaction with your practice.

To create a contact or client

You need to be an MYOB Administrator to create clients, but any staff in your practice can create contacts.


  1. Go to the Contacts tab > Contacts list.
  2. On the right side, click the green Create button and select Contact in the drop-down.
  3. In the Create contact window, under Contact type, select:
    • General to create a general contact
    • Client to create a client.

  4. Complete all the details.

    Make sure to enter a Client code if you are creating a client. This will be helpful if you have clients with similar or identical names. You can search for a client by name or code in most lists.

  5. Click Create.
    After creating the client or contact, you can click the email address to create a new email with your device’s default mail application. If you’re accessing the client’s details from a phone, or have software such as Skype on your PC, you can click the phone number to quickly make a call.

    You can add a client's proof of identity (POI) after you've created them.

  6. If the client’s AccountRight or MYOB Essentials file is listed on the Transaction processing page, you can now link this client to their file. Learn more.

    You can also add a client from the Transaction processing page. Click Link/Create client for a file and in the dialog that appears, click create a client. Some of the client's details will be prefilled using information contained in the MYOB Essentials or AccountRight file.

To edit the client or contact
  1. Go to the Contacts tab > Contacts list.
  2. Search for the client or contact you want to edit.

  3. Select their row to open the client details panel on the right.

  4. In the panel on the right, select Edit (). The client information will now have editable fields.
  5. Update the details and click Save.

You can't delete/inactivate clients or contacts at the moment, but we're working on adding this feature in a future release.

To remove a client file from the Transaction processing page, remove them as a user from their file. See Requesting access to a client file.