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New Zealand only

When you've found a client's Data reconciliation entry, you can click the row to open the entry page.

When you open a client’s Data reconciliation entry by:

  • selecting All clients in the client sidebar and going to Compliance > Data reconciliation, this opens the entry for the period displayed in the Period column

  • selecting a client in the client sidebar and going to Compliance > Data reconciliation, this opens the current period for the client.
    You can use the Period drop-down in the opened entry to open a different period.

The page displays the following information, if there's data available for that section.

Period summary
  • IR balance owing—The balance value from the IR data feed for the tax type and period.

  • Total IR assessment value—The total assessment value from the IR statements section of the page, for the tax type and period.

Unreconciled transactions

Displays all unreconciled transactions.

If there are any new transactions to reconcile, you'll find them here. See Receiving your client's IR data below to learn more about when we receive IR data.

IR Statements

Shows a client's expected payments to Inland Revenue, including:

  • assessment transactions for expected provisional or terminal tax amounts
  • penalties incurred for late payments
  • interest incurred for late, underpayments, or missed payments.

You can select the Group by transaction type checkbox to sort the statement rows into collapsible groups, or leave it deselected to display the statement rows in date order.

Reconciled transactions

Reconciled transactions are grouped together in this section.

If you notice a mistake in a group of transactions, you can unreconcile them. The transactions move back to the Unreconciled transactions section, where you can fix the mistake by reconciling them again.

For more information on how to use the Data reconciliation page, see the Data reconciliation workflow.

Receiving your client's IR data

Heading referenced above

We check for new Inland Revenue (IR) transactions every day, using IR's Transaction data services (TDS) feed. Any new IR transactions will automatically appear in your client's Data reconciliation page, ready for you to reconcile.

A client must be a Tax client to receive their TDS data.

When we receive the data

If a client's account has had any activity since we received the last file, we receive transactions for the client from IR. Any new transactions are received after every business day. So if there are new transactions, you'll see the data on Tuesdays to Saturdays, unless it's after a public holiday.

If you don't want to wait for the data

You can check for new transactions for all possible tax types (Income tax, Tax credits, Student loan and Working for families) at any time. Just click Refresh IR data on the top right of the Data reconciliation page.

To manually refresh IR data
  1. Search and select the client on your client sidebar.
  2. Click Compliance on the top menu bar and select Data reconciliation.
  3. Click Refresh IR data.