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You can't delete a client portal, but as a workaround you can reallocate it to another client and users.

Before reallocating, you need to remove any existing associated tasks and documents. If you don't, you may run into security problems, with documents from different clients in a portal that shouldn't be there. We advise caution when doing this.

If you use Document Manager in your practice, make sure to read the Document Manager section on this page.

To reallocate a portal

Don't forget to download copies of signed files before deleting.

  1. Open MYOB Practice and delete all documents associated with the client portal that is no longer required.

  2. Delete all tasks associated with the client portal that is no longer required.
  3. Edit the unwanted portal's details.
    1. Rename the client portal. If you're not reallocating the portal to another client straight away, rename the client portal to something like Unused Portal, so that you know that it is available for future use.
    2. Add new clients and then remove existing clients. If you're not reallocating the portal to another client straight away, add a test client so that you have the ability to allocate it in the future, as each client portal must contain at least one client.
    3. Add new users and then remove any existing users. If you're not reallocating the portal to another client and users straight away, you can use the practice's generic email address in this instance, so that you can allocate other users in the future.

      The above steps provide a stepped approach to the management of portals and may prevent the loss of complete portals with documents which may require reinstatement in the future. 

Document Manager users with signed documents
  • Rename the portal—It's highly recommended that you rename the portal, so that you know it's closed. For example, "Closed – Bob Jones".
  • Remove the portal users—To ensure your client can no longer access the portal, remove all the portal users and contributors and add your practice’s email as a user. We don’t delete documents as they are synced back to Document Manager and deleting would break the link.