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Documents saved on your PC, and documents you’ve added to MYOB Accountants Office and Accountants Enterprise can be published to your client portals.

When your client signs in to their portal, the documents you’ve published can be viewed, downloaded and, if published from MYOB AO/AE they can be digitally signed.

Supported file formats

Only the following file formats can be published to a portal:

  • Portable Document Format (pdf)

  • Microsoft Office formats — doc, docx, ppt, pptx, rtf, xls, xlsx

  • Graphic formats — bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png

  • Others — htm, html, msg, tif, txt, xml.

Note that all non-PDF documents will be saved as PDF files in the client portals. This allows any document you publish from MYOB AO/AE to be digitally signed if you want.

Also, if a document has security restrictions, such as a password, you won’t be able to publish it to the portal. You’ll see the following error: The document type is not a supported file type.

File size

The maximum file size for a single document is 18MB. If you publish multiple documents in one go, ensure that each document is not greater than 18MB.

Version control

At this stage, documents that are published to the portal are not under any version control. So if you publish the same file multiple times, a separate copy is saved in the client’s portal each time.