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Australia only

MYOB Practice tax lets you prepare and lodge tax returns online. With a streamlined experience, you can access your tax software anywhere, anytime.

To start using Practice Tax (AU), you'll need to perform some one-off tasks. This will enable your practice with collaboration tools with your clients such as client portals, digital signatures, and our latest Documents features.

Some of these steps are done in MYOB AE/AO, and some in Practice Tax. You'll only need to do this once before moving your first tax return.

MYOB AE/AO desktop

Make sure:

  • Your AE/AO version is up to date. Check our releases page to find out what the latest version is. To find your version, go to Help>About.
  • Make sure Contact Sync is enabled: By syncing your contacts, you can access and sync your client's contact data from MYOB AE/AO in MYOB Practice.
  • Enable Assets online: By enabling Assets online, you can view your assets in MYOB Practice. You'll need this to create your depreciation worksheets and soon you'll be able to integrate it into the tax return.
  • Set correct permissions: Give permissions to the users who can move returns online.

MYOB Practice Tax

If you haven't accessed MYOB Practice before, it is easy to do so.

You can:

  • Click the Live (blue cloud) icon located on top of your AE/AO menubar.

  • Open an internet browser and type and enter your my.myob login details.

Once you're in MYOB Practice, you'll need to:

  • Add an agent: You need to do this to start lodging from Practice Tax.
  • Setup your client portal: Collaborate and share documents securely with your clients.
  • Setup Document profiling for Tax: Use our latest online documents storage.

If you're already lodging from MYOB AE/AO, the software ID generated in there will be the same for MYOB Practice Tax, and you don't need to do register the ID again with the ATO. If you need to register the softwareID, see Authorise MYOB to lodge for you

What's next?

You are all ready to move your first tax return online.