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Make sure you've set up your preferences so that you receive the right information that matters most to you! 

You can connect with us and get all updates about the MYOB software you're using. All you need to do is check what communication preferences you've got.

To choose the topics you receive updates on
  1. Log in to my.MYOB.
  2. Select the Communication settings under My details.
  3. Select the boxes of content you wish to receive updates on: 

    If you've selected...You'll…
    Tips & tricks, business advice & compliance information get information to help you make the most of your product – e.g. education content and feature updates.
    Training & eventsget invitations to all upcoming MYOB events, webinars, and training programs.
    Special offers & promotionslearn about new products, special deals, and additional partnerships that can add value to your MYOB software

    If you deselect all these boxes, it will opt you out of all communications except those which are critical to your services, such as software outages or changes to your terms of service.  

    Some commercial sensitive communications are only sent to the primary or billing contact listed on your MYOB account. To find out who this is in your practice, or to update these details contact MYOB Support.