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Make collaborating with your clients easier!


Include your clients in your practice workflows and track the tasks you've created for them.


Share documents with your clients, and see all the documents you've sent and received.


What is MYOB Practice?

MYOB Practice is a smart set of collaboration tools that help you work closely with your clients.

You can create action items for your clients, share documents and collaborate online via personalised and secure portals.

You'll improve efficiency in your practice and build stronger client relationships by bringing your clients into your practice workflow.


Getting started

It's quick and easy to get started.

  • If you use MYOB AE/AO, click the  icon in your software's toolbar.
  • If you're an MYOB Partner, you can log straight in at .

Once you're in, you can get straight to work. You can also start setting up your practice's portal preferences and then create portals for your clients. Learn more about what you can do 



Sharing documents and getting feedback is easy. You can upload a document and choose who you want to share it with in just a few clicks. You can also set tasks for your clients to complete by a specific date. 

If you use MYOB AE/AO, your clients can digitally sign documents and you can track the approval status.  And because MYOB Practice integrates seamlessly with your Documents tab and the Share It feature of MYOB AE/AO, this is just as easy too.


* Digital signature approval is only available if you use MYOB AE/AO in your practice


Transaction processing

View and manage your client's data in real time and:



If you use MYOB AE/AO, you can simplify the way you manage your returns – create, edit and lodge all your returns online!

Once you get started, you can use Tax online to:


Assets online

If you have an integrated MYOB Ledger, Essentials Accounting or AccountRight Live:

  • We've taken the asset register beyond the desktop app – now you can also view it in your internet browser!
  • Find assets fast with our easy-to-use search.
  • Quickly navigate across different years.
  • We've grouped your assets into asset classes (known as control groups in your desktop).
  • Quickly and easily add, edit and delete assets and asset classes.
  • All the same reports are available.
  • See accessing an asset register from your desktop
  • See viewing an asset register in your browser.


Practice Manager

If you use MYOB AE/AO, you have visibility of real-time WIP and Debt balances at the individual client level, Partner/Manager views and the overall Practice position, so you always know where your practice is at.




Can't find what you need here? Feel free to contact your MYOB client manager for help setting up.