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Key points
  • From 2020 onwards, you can roll over a simple individual tax return (without a ledger attached) in MYOB Practice. Just make sure the previous year tax return has a tax contact and tax agent present in the Return properties.

  • You'll see an Assets tab when the individual tax return opens in MYOB Practice. You can import depreciation assets into Assets online but the data from Assets won't integrate into the return.

Entering data into a tax return

When moving a tax return from AE/AO into MYOB Practice, we roll over a number of fields to reduce your data entry time.

TFN (If you need to change it, you must do it AE/AO)


Date of birth

Home address

Postal address

Contact name

Phone numbers (daytime phone & mobile) and email address

EFT bank details


Tax offset and veteran code

Postal address

Tax agent details

  • Use the navigation options on the right of the Tax return page to jump straight to the section you want to enter data into some fields.

  • If a label is greyed out, it means that you need to use a schedule or a workpaper to enter data into that label. To make it easier you can select the Related schedule/workpapers () link located next to the tax return item. This will open the schedule or workpaper you need in order to complete the label.
  • use the ATO lodgable schedules to enter values in a label. These schedules are lodged with the tax return.
  • use Tax workpapers to enter values in a label. These are specific to each tax return type are not lodged with the tax return.
To open the schedules and workpapers
  1. In the panel on the right of the page, in the Add schedule or workpaper drop-down, type the name of the schedule you want, or select the schedule or workpaper from the list.
  2. Enter the details in the labels you want to complete.

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Completing the tax return

Once you've entered the data in the tax return, follow the workflow to validate, review, complete, and lodge the tax return.


Individual returns now have an MYOB in-house validation check. This saves time as this process is much quicker than the ATO's validation and can be performed even if the ATO systems are busy or down.

Deleting a tax return

After you delete a tax return in MYOB Practice, you can access the return in MYOB AE/AO.

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