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Check this list to see if the issue that is affecting you is already known. For validation errors, see Validation errors in Practice Tax (AU).

IssueDescriptionStatusRef #
Rollover from desktop to online

When moving a tax return from desktop to online, some of the fields do not rollover:

  • D4: Work related self education expenses : Work-related self education expenses workpaper is created.
  • D10: Cost of managing tax affairs
  • P6: Business ABN
  • P5: Business name
  • P6: Business address of main business


While we're working on this, enter the data manually.

Tax 2021 - No access to the income details schedule from the label

We've temporarily removed related schedules and workpapers link from the tax return labels that open the income details schedule.


While we work to resolve this issue, use the navigation bar on the right and select the Income details schedule from the Tax workpapers and schedules drop-down.

Tax 2021 - Error during ATO pre-fillIn a 2021 tax return, during an ATO prefill you'll see the error - We've encountered an error. If the issue persists, contact MYOB support and provide the following: Compliance ID..


While we're working to fix this issue, contact support so we can help you resolve the issue.

More than one distribution received workpaperThe Distribution Received schedule is currently limited to one distribution received from either a trust or partnership or managed fund.

While we work to resolve this limitation, if this taxpayer has more than one distribution received, you'll need to complete the return in the Desktop version.



SAPTO offset not showing separately in the estimate.When there is a SAPTO offset in the tax return, it shows in the total of Non refundable tax offset and not separately in the estimate.

We've logged this as an enhancement request.


Private health insurance doubles up in the estimateIn an individual 2022 tax return, the private health insurance offset amount is doubled up.

This issue is now fixed.


ATO rejections
Return rejected when there are only government payments or allowances entered.If you have a return with only govt payments or govt allowances income, and no other income like salary and wages, you'll see a rejection from the ATO.


We're working on a fix. As a workaround,

  1. enter an ABN in Item 1- Salary and wages.
  2. Remove the ABN
  3. Validate and lodge.
Activity statements (MYOB Practice)   
This compliance is locked. If it's not yet lodged, send it for rework to unlock it. You can then delete it.This error happens when you try to delete an activity statement that is in a Not Started status.Select the periods you want to lodge and de-select the periods your clients are lodging. This will update the activity statements when you receive the ATO report the next day.01241483

Page last updated: 27 February 2023